French Technology at ITMA 2019

Paris, FRANCE, 03-04-2019

LAROCHE - Airlay Flexiloft
SUPERBA - MF400 + Space MCD3
FIL CONTROL - Yarn sensor
PETIT Spare Parts
ALLIANCE Machines Textiles
DOLLFUS & MULLER - The Compacting Felt 60x90 cm
SPOOLEX - Slitting machine
AESA Air Engineering
SCHAEFFER Productique

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AESA is a worldwide leader in air- engineering for all textile production processes of natural fibres, man-made fibres and filaments in their different stages: spinning, knitting, weaving, hosiery, different types of nonwovens and fibre productions, as well as dyeing and finishing.



ALLIANCE Machines Textiles is a manufacturer of piece dyeing machines with very low liquor ratio, using air to avoid creases for knitted and woven fabrics. It also manufactures a beam machine with a rotating device to decrease dyeing costs up to 50 %.



Callebaut de Blicquy manufactures dyeing and bleaching machines for any textile fibers, any form (loose fibers, hanks, packages, tops...) as well as upstream and downstream equipment (loading presses, energy savers...).



Dollfus & Muller manufactures endless felts and dryer belts for the textile finishing and nonwovens factories: compacting felts for knit finishing - sanforizing felts for denim and woven fabrics finishing printing dryer belts for textile printing - sublimation blankets for transfer printing - decatizing felts for wool finishing - dryer belts for thermo-bonding ovens - tensionless dryer belts for knit finishing.



EBELMANN offers a manufacturing service and a re-sharpening service for all types of cutting devices (made in tungsten carbide, high speed steel and ceramic).

For technical fibres as Kevlar®, carbon or glass, EBELMANN manufactures very special scissors, with carbide tungsten blades, in association with polycrystalline diamond insert.



Fil Control develops and produces yarn sensors and yarn cutters for the textile machinery industry in its 3 major fields: Yarn Cutters, which can satisfy all kinds of personalized and bespoke demands - Yarn Sensors, utilizing capacitive, optical, reflective, piezoelectric and strength gauge technology - Hall Effect Sensors, installed on numerous different kind of application, such as motor rpm counting.



LAROCHE is world leader in fibre processing equipment with machines for: Recycling of textiles wastes - Opening, blending and metering of fibres - Nonwoven “AIRLAY” needled and/or thermo-bonded - Nonwoven “RESIN FELT” semi-cured and fully cured - Processes for natural fibres (flax, hemp, coco fibre, kenaf, etc.) - Recycling equipment for diapers - Metering equipment for short fibres (cellulose, fluff) - Stuffing equipment for cushions and pillows.



MALLEIN is a specialist of the beams for warping and weaving, able to answer all needs of the textile activity. The entire integration of its aluminum foundry and all of its production facilities allow MALLEIN to answer all specific enquiries particularly thanks to its know-how in special aluminum alloys.



N. SCHLUMBERGER is the world leader in manufacturing of textile machinery dedicated to processing of long fibres. They offer textile machines and complete lines of fibre over for long textile fibres. They are the first global player in the sector recombing, combing, spinning preparation, tow to top and semi-worsted for wool, acrylic, silk, linen and precious fibres.



PETIT Spare Parts holds the exclusive worldwide trade of the original spare parts for all ICBT fine count machines. Built on a strong experience in covering, twisting and texturizing. PETIT Spare Parts, a company of the PETIT SA group, is specialized since 1946 in the trade of accessories for all textile machines, all brands combined.



Rousselet is the specialist of pass or continuous hydro-extractors. The environmental requirements are not a constraint but a source for large savings.



In the era of industry 4.0, intensive dematerialization, digital tools are an essential asset to meet new market expectations: traceability, sustainability and flexibility. SCHAEFFER Productique has set up new business process management tool dedicated to textile companies, bringing more efficiency and flexibility: cloud integration, artificial intelligence, self-adaptive, user-oriented.



SPOOLEX through its worldwide recognized brands CALEMARD®, DECOUP+® and ROLL CONCEPT®, has real expertise in slitting, rewinding/spooling, ultrasonic splicing and technical rollers. To meet the needs of high productivity, operator’s safety and line flexibility, Spoolex R&D department has developed several automated solutions to provide complete cell from mother handling to final product packing.



SUPERBA is the global leader in saturated steam continuous heat-setting process and space-dyeing for carpet yarn (PA6, PA66, PP, PES, PAN, wool blend). With decades of experience in the specialized field of high quality tufted or woven carpet, Superba provides advanced and competitive solutions with a complete range of machines.

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