French Innovations at ITMA 2011

BARCELONE, 01-03-2011

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France is the 6th textile machinery exporter worldwide. Together the 35 manufacturers' annual exports exceed 1 billion Euros (1.4 Billion USD.  They and their association, UCMTF, which is part of Cematex, the owner of the ITMA and ITMA ASIA brands, are actively preparing next ITMA which is taking  place for the first time in the attractive city of Barcelona (September 22-29).
This major textile machinery show takes place every four years is the only textile machinery show where so many machines are erected and many of them really work. “It is the place for innovation and a unique opportunity to meet so many people, to see so many machines in what I call the biggest textile factory worldwide, states Evelyne CHOLET, UCMTF’s Secretary General. All the textile processes will be represented: spinning, weaving, knitting (circular and flat), dyeing and finishing, nonwovens, apparel manufacturing. Fibers producers and Research centers and Universities will be there for the first time.
The French manufacturers have put a lot of emphasis to prepare this event. They will present their “High Tech, energy saving machinery for high quality markets” summarizes UCMTF’s Chairman Bruno AMELINE, who adds “ in France we do not have big diversified groups but state of the art, very active and specialised SME’S leaders in their sectors of application. They are doing very well and look to the future with great expectations.”
Through various means including the portal , UCMTF will help its members to promote their stands which will be located in different halls according to each manufacturer’s main markets

FIL CONTROL   Stand H1- B 145

The main products of the company are yarn sensors and yarn cutters, devices used for checking yarn presence or yarn quality control. Devices are devoted to processing machines: yarn assembling, yarn spinning, texturing, covering, twisting, to control the yarn. Yarn sensors are based on different technologies: capacitive, piezo, optical and electromechanical. Electromagnetic or pneumatic for yarn cutters. MDL-B,  Length Meter Device. After winding, bobbins will be used on twisting, weaving machines, etc. Producing metered bobbins will reduce costs (reduce yarn waste, especially for expensive yarn, reduce the process time).
FIL CONTROL sells its product range throughout the world and via representative agents in Spain, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Turkey, Colombia, Egypt, Poland, China. Since 2005, a commercial office in China, FIL CONTROL Co. Ltd has been established in WUHU, Anhui province, at approximately 350 km from Shanghai, to market the products on the Asian market.

PETIT   Stand H1- A 138

PETIT Spare Parts is a PETIT Group company, specialising since 1946 as a dealer in accessories for all textile machines. It has a wide international installed base.
Over 6 000 spare parts references are available on stock at competitive prices. A personalised assistance is provided by technicians and a reactive, trilingual bureau is available for the customers.
A few months ago, PETIT Spare Parts has acquired worldwide exclusive rights to deal in original spare parts for the “fine fibres” machines of the ARCT, ACBF, ICBT, RIETER ICBT and RITM brands.


SCHAEFFER has developed textile specialized management software for 25 years. This rich experience brings up IT solutions which are more efficient and quicker installed in textile companies than general standard software. The objective is to offer important productivity and reactivity benefit in order to increase competitiveness.
At the Barcelona ITMA fair, SCHAEFFER will display:
- an innovative model of dialog between information systems that accelerate processes and enhance reliability in the supply chain management (Collective platform of numeric data interchange),
- new mobile interactive solutions using Tablet PC,
- and, of course, the latest releases of the company well-known solutions, in operation in many factories all over the world:
. ERP/CRM software for integrated business management (Sales, Purchase, Stocks, Production, Scheduling, Sub-contracting),
. collaborative internet B2B applications for Sales and Supply chain management using web services,
. SaaS and Cloud Computing services dedicated to the textile field.
This tools targets SMEs and industrial groups of any textile job (spinning, throwing, weaving, finishing, home textile, apparel, manufacturers, converters, merchants).
ITMA 2011 will also be the opportunity to meet agents to open new worldwide markets.

SUPERBA   Stand H1- A 118

SUPERBA, one of the most important textile machinery manufacturers in France is exporting more than 95 per cent of their production to more than 60 countries all over the world.
SUPERBA is the global leader in the market related with continuous carpet yarn heat-setting and dyeing processes and manufactures machines used for heat-setting, steaming and dyeing of the shrinkable yarns for the production of the woven-tufted carpet and rugs (PP,PA ,PET ,PAN, Wool and blends), continuous steaming and shrinking for the machine or hand knitting yarns and continuous space dyeing up to eight colors, in micro to long-space spots.
Since 1971, SUPERBA has provided carpet manufacturers with machines for the heat treatment of the yarn. SUPERBA heat-setting process with saturated steam under pressure has always been the more energy efficient on the market and the latest heat setting line generation known under the name of TVP3, has seen its energy consumption cut almost in half compared to the machines of 1995 for equivalent production levels. Therefore, it is the most energy efficient and environment friendly heat setting machine on the market.
Always at the leading edge of technology and research for innovating applications, SUPERBA will also present, in addition to its top sale, namely the TVP3 line, new surprising developments in the field of floor covering.


SwissTex France is a French company located in Valence and operating internationally, designing and producing high-tech machines for the textile industries. With 100 years experience in yarn machinery, SwissTex France (previously known under the brands Verdol, ICBT, Rieter ICBT and RITM) is a major player in the field of textile machinery.
Textile yarn processing: Twisting, Covering, Assembling, Cabling or Rewinding of fine counts yarns for various markets such apparel, hosiery, upholstery, embroidery, sewing thread…SwissTex France has got always the perfect solution and offers one of the most complete range on the market!
Technical yarn processing: SwissTex France will exhibit several machines for the twisting, assembling and cabling of heavy count for technical uses: industrial markets, tires, carpets and rugs, glass applications… For the Carpet yarn markets machinery, SwissTex France is another step forward to Energy Saving Concept, and will bring out its evolution based on the cabling and twisting machine dedicated for synthetic yarns and natural fibers for Carpet yarn market, totally under online control through its unique Monitoring  “M.U.S.T.” system.  For the Tire Cord machinery SwissTex France will exhibit a new cabler-twister focusing on energy saving and keeping the same perfect ergonomics of the existing range.

AESA Air Engineering   Stand H2- C 173

A worldwide leader in air engineering for all textile production processes for natural fibers as well as for man made fibers in all different stages:  spinning, knitting, weaving, hosiery, nonwovens, dyeing and finishing. The company is specialized in air-conditioning and waste collection systems for textile factories.
The overall energy saving is becoming a competitiveness factor. The AESA air conditioning plants are contributing in a big way to this goal. For spinning factories, the state of the art is to drive all fans and pumps motors through inverters. For weavings, the latest development called WEAVE DIRECT is capable to reach up to 50 % energy savings. This is possible thanks to a dedicated supply air ducting system where unique and localized WDB type diffusers are placed above each loom. Like this the moisture needed for a good output is conveyed in the right quantity to the right place above the loom, and the overall air requirement can be reduced drastically. Last but not least the DIGIVENT control system, with latest AESA logic is capable to have even more stable room condition between running and not running high speed machines.
This achievement is possible with AESA’s more than 50 years of experience in this specialized field and is assuring better productivity to AESA’s clients and better yarn and fabric quality to the end user.


Andritz Perfojet and Andritz Küsters will present their latest developments in wetlaid, spunlace, calender, and wet finishing at ITMA 2011.
With the neXline spunlace, which includes the Jetlace hydroentanglement system, a dewatering unit, through-air dryer, and twin embossing calender, Andritz can provide a single-source solution with high productivity and very attractive energy efficiency to produce state-of-the-art spunlace fabrics. In order to customize spunlace fabrics and produce unique webs, Andritz offers a full range of patterning and aperture solutions using calenders or sleeves. And Andritz Perfojet will be introducing 3D patterning technology called neXimaging. This innovative patterning approach allows any kind of patterning and/or aperture at very high speed. The sleeve has been designed to reproduce logos and artwork of your choice in perfect 3D design and with exceptional quality of details.
A further innovative development by Andritz Perfojet is the spunjet technology for spunlaid nonwovens. This patented process entails hydroentanglement of continuous filaments, thus creating a new generation of nonwovens with superior fabric properties as regards bulk, softness, drape, and tensile strength.  Andritz’s customers now have the opportunity to combine two first-class bonding technologies in one line. Depending on the requirements of the final product, the process can apply either thermal bonding and/or spunjet technology

LAROCHE    Stand H2- A 136

After one century dedicated to the design, manufacturing and installation of equipment for the textile, nonwoven, recycling and bast fibre industries, LAROCHE is now proposing complete turnkey airlay nonwoven lines.
LAROCHE will display:
- New “FLEXILOFT plus” Airlay technology with improved web uniformity and weight range. The LAROCHE Airlay can run all types of fibers (synthetics, natural, recycled…) and blends of fibers and solid particles (foam chips, plastics, wood chips) which allow to make smart products from renewable resources and from wastes that are otherwise discarded.
- JUMBO tearing lines with improved throughput and special devices for the recycling of postconsumer clothings and carpet waste.
- New MINITRIM HSP 400 (highspeed) edge trim opening machine
LAROCHE will also present its latest innovations in:
- High precision fiber dosing and blending lines
- Decortication lines for bast fibers (Flax, Hemp, Kenaf…) allowing gentle fibre opening and cleaning with a low processing cost.
- A new concept for flame retarding of cellulosic and recycled fibers.

NSC FIBRE TO YARN   Stand H2- A 142

At ITMA 2011 in Barcelona, “NSC Fibre to Yarn” which includes N. Schlumberger, Sant Andrea Novara, Seydel, Cognetex and Thibeau brands will showcase latest technological advances made to its product range. A new stretch breaker, evolution of its ERA comber, improvements on the GC30 family drawing machines will be particularly unveiled to its international customers. For NSC Fibre to Yarn division, ITMA 2011 will be also the occasion of presenting significant evolutions as:
performances of production, quality standards, operating and maintenance costs, instant control and diagnosis, cost energy savings thanks to a reliable concept of construction, to electronic controls implying a user-friendly man-machine dialogue and an increase productivity.

NSC NONWOVEN   Stand H2- A 141

NSC Nonwoven designs, builds and supplies turnkey nonwoven lines for needlepunching, spunlacing, thermobonding, air-through bonding and chemical bonding. NSC Nonwoven is a worldwide, major supplier of Excelle® & Axcess cards, crosslappers, drafters, needlelooms, high speed Monomatic® winders and slitters-rewinders.
At the ITMA show, NSC Nonwoven is releasing its latest innovations: the “T.T Excelle® card” and the ACS system. The T.T Excelle® card technology is a revolution in its performance and consistent reliability: it provides the ability to obtain MD/CD strength ratios under 3/1, even at high production speeds at over 250 m/min. In addition, Bonding Index values are improved. This good news opens new market opportunities to the wipes and ADL industries but also to many more nonwoven industries for all kinds of applications.
Available on new Asselin® crosslappers, the ACS drastically boosts the whole nonwoven production line productivity, even with literally no draft (difference of speeds) between the card and crosslappers infeed speed.

EBELMANN   Stand H3- C 141

Established in 1981 and specialized in hard material, 80 % of EBELMANN’s production is dedicated to textile industries.
Thanks to constant technical innovation, marked by fully digitised equipment at the leading
edge of technology, EBELMANN contributes, with its customers and partners, to the enhancement of their production resources by offering reliable, high performance solutions to equipped textile machines with cutting tool system.
EBELMANN offers a manufacturing and re-sharpening service for cutting devices made in tungsten carbide, high speed steel and ceramic.
For technical fibres as Kevlar®, carbon fibres, glass fibres, EBELMANN manufactures special scissors, made from carbide tungsten blades, in association with polycrystalline diamond inserts.

MALLEIN   Stand H3- C 112

With more that 50 years of experience, MALLEIN is a company specialist of the beam for warping and weaving, able to answer to all needs of the actual textile activity. The entire integration of its aluminium foundry and all of its production facilities allowed MALLEIN to answer to all specifics enquiries.
MALLEIN will exhibit its new range of aluminium canisters during ITMA 2011, canisters that we are improving each year, in order to produce them stronger and with a greatest geometric precision.

STÄUBLI   Stand H3- D 148/150

STÄUBLI’s activities in the field of textile machinery include shedding systems for weaving machines, weaving preparation systems, and carpet weaving machines. At its ITMA booth STÄUBLI will present and demonstrate a cross-section on its product range affording visitors an insight into latest developments.
Most dominant a carpet weaving of the type ALPHA made by Group member Schönherr can’t be missed due to its enormous volume. The machine comes in a brand new configuration that has the potential to weave not only high quality carpets but extend its range of application to technical textiles as well.
Among the various electronic Jacquard machines the most modern type SX will be shown. It can be equipped with either 1408 or 2688 hooks controlled. and a new UNIVAL jacquard machine for name selvedges.
A newly developed electronic type dobby will be presented for the first time in will set new standards as far as quality and performance in frame weaving are concerned.
Weaving preparation systems will demonstrate its advanced drawing-in system family SAFIR and the full range of warp tying installations completed by MAGMA, the warp tying machine for coarse yarns.

ALLIANCE Machines Textiles   Stand H4 - B 141

As ever: more air, less water in piece-dyieng technology and for ITMA 2011 more versatility. ALLIANCE, the French piece dyeing manufacturer, well-known for machines using less and less water, will present in Barcelona a complete new machine using the technology ROTORA.
- Rotora yarn and piece dyeing machine. Through an experimented concept of Beam turning in the machine, during all the process, customers have decreased their costs up to 50%. This machine is used today for woven or knitted fabrics in many different ways (furniture, viscose lycra, velvet, toweling…)
 ALLIANCE will show a new machine in which customer will be able to dye yarns (cones) together with fabric on a beam in order to obtain the same color for yarn and fabric.
This machine was developed in collaboration with a customer in the field of hosiery.
More versatility, because in the same machine either one beam with wide fabrics or two beams with smaller fabrics or one beam with fabric and a beam with cones or two beams with cones.
- RIVIERA ECO. Alliance will also show its well-known RIVIERA ECO+ which allows the best performance in terms of liquor ratio. Many customers in Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, Brazil, Turkey ... are dyeing high quality viscose lycra (without creases and with a perfect surface aspect) in a liquor ratio of 1: 3 (for example for a 2 tubes machines about 400 kgs of fabric are dyed with about 1 000 Liters of water).
An industrial machine and a small machine for samples or small quantities will be on the booth.


Facing globalization, environmental and economic challenges, and to cope with textile market new requirements, CALLEBAUT DE BLICQUY (CDB) will introduce at next ITMA their latest improvements in dye-work management optimization:
- On laboratory level, with CDB specific device for “online” color measuring, integrated to the dyeing machine or any other equipment requiring it, and with their own lab equipment allowing both process optimization and significant production cost savings.
- On industrial level: CDB will introduce their latest developments in machines for economical and ecological Very High Density bleaching and dyeing of loose stock fibers, tow and bumps (up to 700 kg per cubic meter for acrylic or polyester tow and more than 350 kg per cubic meter for loose cotton fibers), allowing huge savings in water, steam and ingredients consumption, and so providing the most competitive cost prices (up to 25% cost price reduction).
CDB will also offer their latest developments dealing with bobbins, hanks, ribbon and ready-made article dyeing, with Space Dyeing as well, and propose you pertinent solutions for partial or full water recycling and for effluent treatment.


Centrifugal hydro extraction is still the most economical way for pre drying - and in some specific cases - drying all textile products and materials after bleaching, dyeing, washing, recycling and any other wet treatment…
ROUSSELET ROBATEL, as the centrifuge specialist, will introduce at next ITMA the latest version of their continuous hydro for loose stock fibers, which is well known for allowing significant energy and cost savings at the level of the dryer in cotton bleaching and fibers dyeing continuous lines. Thanks to a new complete opening lid, basket accessibility is highly improved and centrifuge cleaning operations are easier, so increasing its flexibility to suit with regular product or color changes…
On the other end of their particularly wide panel of centrifuges, ROUSSELET-ROBATEL will show a laboratory centrifugal extractor with a 120 mm diameter basket for very small sample processing, and a medium size hydro extractor for jeans will complete their range introduction.

SPOOLEX  - Calemard/Decoup+    Stand H5  B 136-137

SPOOLEX originated 55 years ago as CALEMARD, an equipment manufacturer for the textile industry. In November 2010 our 3 sisters companies, CALEMARD, DECOUP+ and ROLL CONCEPT, merged and became SPOOLEX with 3 brands : CALEMARD, the slitting, rewinding and spooling machines department, DECOUP+ the ultrasonic cutting and welding department and ROLL CONCEPT the industrial rollers department. During ITMA the CalemardTM machinery department will present its new development and accessories. The slitter rewinders are proven solutions, synonymous with quality and highly technical for major players in textile market. This market is always looking for new development to follow the evolution of its needs. To respond to these evolutions the company has developed accessories to improve and adapt its machines to productivity and increased quality needs. Also will  exhibited precision tools ready to run with the Decoup+TM ultrasonic slitting and sealing equipment for clean and strong edges without overthickness and the patented AlveotubeTM product line of light weight, low inertia and high speed industrial rollers.

DOLLFUS & MULLER   Stand H6 -B 108

DOLLFUS & MULLER will celebrate its 200 years of manufacturing technical finishing spare parts such as endless felts and open mesh dryer belts for textile finishing:
- compacting felts for knit finishing
- printing dryer belts for printing
- sanforizing felts for denim and woven fabrics finishing
- decatizing felts for wool finishing
- satin wrappers for wool finishing
- tensionless dryer belts for knit finishing
- transfer printing and calendaring felts.
DOLLFUS & MULLER will introduce during ITMA its new compacting felt for knit finishing with major evolutions versus its existing products in order to serve better the dyeing houses. Furthermore, will DOLLFUS & MULLER display its durable printing dryer belts and sanforizing palmer felts.


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