French Machinery at Techtextil 2009

FRANKFURT, 16-06-2009

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Techtextil in Frankfurt will be a good opportunity to meet machinery manufacturers, the French group will welcome technical textiles and nonwovens producers.

French textile machinery manufacturers are often world leaders on their specialties.
Their strategy is to offer tailor made solutions to solve customers’ needs and be their long term partners. This strategy is particularly fitted to the nonwovens and technical textiles sectors in which the machinery manufacturers are really integrated. This is how new markets for the technical textiles can be opened. “At the next Techtextil show, you will see again that the machinery manufacturers are considered as part of the TT industry, not as off shelves machinery vendors. Many of our members will be present, close to their customers, to understand their needs, listen to them, and better evaluate how they can create value for them.” says Bruno Ameline the chairman of their association which group 35 companies with a total turnover of 1 billion Euros.
 He adds “Particularly in difficult economic times, R and D and investments are top priorities to offer, at the best price, the products the market needs. Then, even if the recovery road is rocky, the crisis will come to an end and our customers who have taken the good investment decisions will emerge even stronger.”
The textile industry in general and the technical textile sectors in particular (except for whose selling to such devastated industries as the automotive) are not immune but certainly less hurt than many sectors.
In fact the most important impact of the crisis on the textile industry is probably the collapse of the credit system which is essential to organize, secure and finance international trade. Banks are highly risk averse, credit insurance companies are more and more conservative, therefore international contracts are difficult to finalize and delays may occur but the global TT consumption does not seem to decline. This is why the French machinery manufacturers who are particularly active in technical textiles and nonwovens are assuming their long term strategy:
 - be specialized manufacturers, often world leaders on niche markets with tailor made solutions to address their customers’ needs,
 - help these customers analyze the market trends, choose their strategies and implement them, in one word, be their long term technology partners.
Thanks to this strategy, France is the 5th machinery exporter, particularly strong in weaving preparation, nonwovens, spinning, and finishing machinery.
Evelyne Cholet, the association Secretary General concludes : “We are proud to promote the latest technology and improvements in production for tomorrow. We think that only the companies increasing their efforts on R and D, on market presence will survive. We want to be part of these. We and our customers must always remember that, particularly in insecure economic environment times, the choice is between “do” or “die”.

N. SCHLUMBERGER Stand 3.0 B 15
 NSC fibre to yarn promotes innovating spinning lines for processing long staple fibres. Different processes are proposed: the carding, combing, spinning preparation, stretch breaking, crush cutting and spinning lines for hard fibres. These different ways  are composed  of different machines : cards, converters, pin drafters, blenders, defelters, combers and rubbing, roving and spinning frames based on 5 trademarks (Cognetex, San’t Andrea Novara, N. Schlumberger, Seydel, Thibeau) under one banner NSC fibre to yarn.

RITM Stand 3.0 H 21
Yarn Processing.
 Based on more than 100 years of experience in the textile machinery with well-known brands as ARCT, ICBT or Rieter FYT, RITM, is a process expert in Twisting, Assembling, Cabling, Covering, Texturing & Winding of yarns made of synthetic, artificial, natural and mineral fibers.
 The new CDDT 10 is always the best fully mechanical machine for large lot production with a low energy consumption: its self aligned design enables now a modular or half modular assembly concept with final assembly at customer plant thus reducing drastically costs of investment.
 With its technical “Service Tours”, RITM audits regularly its customers to optimize continuously the machine performance on key aspects such as yarn quality and costs (productivity & power consumption).

CALEMARD Stand 3.0 E 10
 Calemard is an expert in the designing / manufacturing of in-line and off-line slitting and rewinding machines. Calemard has focused its activities on very technical demanding applications as. nonwovens, textile and industrial markets, whenever quality slitting and / or rewinding are difficult to achieve.
 The company has a proven expertise in crush, shear and razor slitting systems, and also in sealing/cutting technologies and in rewinding technologies. Originally focused on narrow web slitting, the company has expanded in spooling technology.

DECOUP +  Stand 3.0 E 10
 Decoup+ is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of ultrasonic cutting / sealing / splicing solutions, which are applicable at any stage of the textile and nonwoven fabrication and conversion process. The modules are very compact components and easy-to-integrate on existing manufacturing lines.

ROLL CONCEPT  Stand 3.0 E 10
 Roll Concept’s Alveotubes® are used as Idler, transducer, accumulator, guide, contact, nip, dancer, lay on, calender, reel spools, roll cores, …The range includes simple profile but also ready to be installed solutions with a choice of mountings, coatings and coverings, notably anti-adhesive coatings to avoid when the product is hot, to stick to the roll.

LAROCHE  Stand 3.0 A 23
 Hundred year old company, LAROCHE is dedicated to designing and manufacturing textile equipments and is a recognized leader in:
 High precision fiber opening, blending and dosing  lines
 Complete hard and soft wastes textile recycling lines.
 Airlaid nonwovens lines.
 Complete Bast fibers processing lines and cottonization process for spinning as well as nonwovens.
 Pillow and toys stuffing lines

NSC NONWOVEN  Stand 3.0 B 15
 NSC nonwoven designs, builds and supplies turnkey nonwoven lines for needlepunching, spunlacing, thermobonding, air-through bonding and chemical bonding. The lines are equipped with a supervisory control assistance system, which includes production recipes, maintenance and assistance to line management. 
NSC nonwoven is a worldwide, major supplier of Excelle®&Axcess cards, crosslappers, ProDyn®, IsoProfile® , IsoProdyn®, drafters, needlelooms, winders and slitters-rewinders.
Technical sales engineers offer turnkey engineering, textile assistance, consulting, training, installation commissioning, and support for new and existing equipment.
The Nonwoven technical centre in Tourcoing (France) is at the customers' disposal to carry out their trials with high confidentiality.

Rieter Nonwovens Systems offers nonwovens machinery for spunlace, spunbond, and spunjet processes. Its expertise in this range of technologies makes Rieter the only machinery supplier able to offer all nonwovens technologies from a single engineering source.
 Rieter's ability to engineer customized production lines incorporating multiple technologies brings innovation to the nonwovens industry. Above all, it provides customers with competitive advantages in advance of the market.
 With more than 150 nonwovens references installed, Rieter is one of the main players in nonwovens industry.

DOLLFUS & MULLER  Stand 3.0 E 66
Established in 1811, this manufacturer developed new high performance compacting felts for knitted fabrics finishing. The new design has been studied in order to obtain the best performances from the compacting machine and the longest possible life from the felt. DOLLFUS & MULLER is a leader in Sanfor endless felts. Additionally DOLLFUS & MULLER manufactures Palmer felts for sanforizing machines, printing dryer belts, satin fabrics, nonwoven conveyors.


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