French technology to boost the Indian textile industry’s competitiveness

MUMBAI and LUDHIANA, 27-04-2010

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Who dares, win : The French textile machinery manufacturers invited the Indian textile producers to two seminars. The attendances exceeded expectations with approximately 150 attendees in Mumbai and close to 200 in Ludhiana

The objectives set for the seminars were: 

 - to present how the French technology can enable the Indian textile producers to enhance their position by providing sustainable competitive advantages in the following markets:
Recycling - Nonwovens - Technical textiles - Yarn preparation and yarn treatment - Modern weaving - Knitting - Dyeing and Finishing - Air conditioning of textile plants.
 - to regularly facilitate direct contacts between the textile producers and the top management of the French machinery producers. Evelyne Cholet, the Secretary General of UCMTF, the machinery manufacturers’ association, has been very active in the preparation of the seminars because she thinks that very close relationships with the customers is now essential. She ads “this is important all around the world when new investments in textile machinery are urgently required to stimulate the textile industry, particularly for the fast growing technical textile applications.”

The Participating French companies were:


The presentation by Evelyne Cholet was very descriptive of the French machinery manufacturers.
UCMTF groups about 30 members with an annual global turnover of 1 billion Euros (approximately US Dollars 1.4 billion). They employ more than 8 000 employees, export most of their production. In fact, France is the 3rd exporter of textile machinery in the European Union behind Germany and Italy, the 6th worldwide, with a growing market share of 6.5%.
The association itself is a member of Cematex who owns the ITMA shows and one of the organizers of ITMA (three ITMAs have already been organized by UCMTF in Paris).

The French machinery manufacturers have their own strategies to fit the needs of their customers who are more and more considered as partners.

The key elements of the French machinery manufacturers are:
 - specialize on niche markets and be world leaders or among the world leaders on these niches 
 - be very active in Research and Development. On average 8% of the turnover is invested in R&D.

The result of such strategy is that they are in fact expanding on textile markets with extremely targeted products and for industries requiring integrated manufacturing processes.
Most of the French companies and more particularly those French companies taking part in the seminars in Mumbai and Ludhiana hold significant world market shares exceeding 60 % for some specialities. They offer tailor-made solutions to solve customers’ needs and become their long term partner to design new machines but also to service the existing machines with spare parts, after sale and even consulting services in such sector as safety rules and energy savings.
About energy savings Evelyne Cholet insists “The French machinery manufacturers have found very different ways to offer energy saving machines: fine tuning the machine to fit exactly the energy profile of the production process, finding new low energy processes for individual machines and optimizing the energy consumption of a whole production line.
These approaches are not exclusive one from the other, they can be combined.
In many examples, the energy saving is in the 30-40 % range, same or even more for the water consumption in dyeing and finishing”.

The next opportunity to meet top executive of the French textile machinery manufacturers is ITMA ASIA+CITME 2010 in Shanghai.

The original thinking when establishing ITMA ASIA was to focus ITMA Europe on innovation and technology, and ITMA ASIA be a genuine commercial show, a place for Asian customers to easily meet machine manufacturers. The context has changed: innovation is no longer planned according to ITMA schedule; Asian customers want to see the latest innovations as much as western customers do.
Therefore, the expectation is that ITMAs in Europe and in Asia will more and more look alike, with as much innovation and “making business” contents. Both will attract regional customers as they want to limit travelling.
UCMTF and the French machinery manufacturers will welcome their partners and future partners at next ITMA ASIA.
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