NSC fibre to yarn

170 rue de la République - CS 10079
68502 GUEBWILLER Cedex

Tél. : +33 3 89 74 41 41


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NSC CA 7 worsted card
CA 7 worsted card
NSC semi-worsted card
semi-worsted card
NSC Era combing machine
Era combing machine
NSC GC chain gill
GC chain gill
NSC FMV 40 rubbing frame
FMV 40 rubbing frame
NSC Stretch breaking machine
Stretch breaking machine


  • Carding, combing, tow to top, defelting, blending, recombing and fine yarn spinning preparation lines, semiworsted and finally lines for flax.


  • Complete lines processing wool, long staple chemical fibres, flax, flax tow and bast fibres for producing yarns intended for the manufacture of garment and upholstery fabrics, knitted goods, rugs or carpets.


  • Trial centres equipped with a control laboratory and a complete range of machines are available for the customers to carry out trials or research under industrial conditions.
  • Design, installation and start-up of integrated lines
  • Services of genuine spare parts permit to respond rapidly and exactly to every request of customers.
  • Training courses are organized on our premises or on site for an optimum utilization and a perfect profitability of the machines.


Technical Sales Engineers present throughout the world with the other business units of the group NSC :

  • NSC Environment
  • NSC Packaging

And the 9 production facilities, sales subsidiaries and offices and an agency network in more than 60 countries.


  • World leader in its field, the NSC fibre to yarn division exports 90 % of its production all over the world.

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