UCMTF  (French Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association)

A trade association

UCMTF regroups 30 members companies. Some are world leaders on their markets; others, which often are small and medium size companies, originally family-owned, develop, sell and service specialized machines with a high technological level. For all these companies most of their business is done on export markets: regional export markets in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, but also in the Americas, and increasingly in Asia where the textile business is developing at a quick pace. Exports account for more than 91% of the companies' turnover with a total of approximately 1 Billion Euros (US$ 1,2 billion).

A member of CEMATEX

Europe remains the major Textile Machinery production centre in the world. France ranks fourth after Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Cematex (European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers) comprises the major European national associations. UCMTF is a member of Cematex which owns the major international exhibitions ITMA and ITMA Asia.
UCMTF therefore takes part in the decisions made by CEMATEX for the organisation of our industry and of  its exhibitions.
The exhibitions ITMA and ITMA Asia are presented in the section «  ITMA »


  • To Bring Together and Represent

The first objective of a trade association is to group, in a spirit of professional solidarity, the companies operating in the same economic sector in order to provide services to its members, to be a special forum for their exchanges, to define the industry's strategy in its relations with the socioeconomic environment, to represent the companies with the national, European, and international authorities and with trade organisations.

  • To promote an international approach

UCMTF supports its members' international initiatives, in particular for international events. In addition to the exhibitions directly organised by Cematex, the French manufacturers have to participate in regional or national shows. UCMTF is instrumental in their selection, and provides substantial logistic assistance via the organisation of French pavilions and their local promotion to leverage its members' efforts.

Symposiums, study missions and receptions of foreign delegations, etc. are also organised. In countries selected for their growth markets these initiatives support active promotion and market exploration.

Exhibitions, symposiums and other forthcoming activities are presented in the section «  Events & News », with the exception of the ITMA and ITMA Asia exhibitions which are presented in the ITMA section.

In close contact with the international trade press, UCMTF informs it on its activities and organises journalists' visits and receptions.
The section «  Press Room » can be accessed by the economic and trade press.

It contains recent press releases. Media companies which do not receive these press releases are invited to apply for receiving them.
More generally, the Internet site, in its new version, is meant to support more effectively promotion efforts directed both at textile customer companies and at the press.

The «contact » section can be accessed by all those who want to write to UCMTF.
We invite you to use it and thank you in advance.

  • To promote the industry among the young

The future of an industry is linked to its capacity to attract talented young people, engineers, marketing and sales people and junior managers. This is particularly important in the textile machinery industry which is now globalized and requires a direct presence close to customers.
UCMTF is active with the best French and international textile universities, it contributes to the funding of many projects and organises every two years a Forum which the textile universities' students are invited to attend. .

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